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 Our mission is to empower people by building makerspaces and tool libraries in communities that need them!

The mission of The Makers Hub is to eliminate the lack of resources in underserved communities by providing tools, equipment, and space in a collaboratively fostered community center (makerspaces) and bring together makers, innovators, and aspiring entrepreneurs to inspire, mentor, and network new partnerships. This provides the support necessary for everyone to reach their highest goals.

We envision The Makers Hub as thriving collaborative communities of makers, thinkers, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Together each community will build a creative and uplifting network that causes economic development by and from their personal expression of the community they envision.

Each Makers Hub will be unique and built with the talents and needs of the community and build upon what already exists and what is missing. Each facility will have space to allow new immerging tool-centered communities to be piloted and developed.

The Makers Hub will foster a learning and networking environment that emphasizes mastering crafts, inventing tangible solutions to problems, building artisan circles, and creating new businesses. Our members will obtain a sense of purpose, expand their creative expression, and be empowered to share and grow their talents with others. The Makers Hub will incentivize incubating/launching enterprises within the city limits to benefit the economic development of the community by the community. Creating their city as a destination place for shopping, entertainment, and community expression.



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Enpowerment, Mastery & Community Development.
Board of Directors
Adrianne Ferree, Founder and President
Adrianne Ferree Worked for over 37 years for the LA County Sheriff’s. 27 of those years as a licensed architect and project manager and eventually Asst. Director of Facilities Bureau. She lead a team of 23 Architects and project managers and support staff that managed over $500M in capital project. She ventured out to tried something new and directed the Jail Enterprises Unit, where she oversaw the vocational programs for inmates. In speaking with inmates, the inspiration for a Makerspace in economically challenge areas was born. She is an avid environmentalist and as such intends to impact the Maker’s Hub with circular and shared economies and clean energy. She is a daughter of immigrant Argentine parents, and a1983 graduate of USC School of Architecture.
Jessica Durey, VP and Social Media Director
Jess is a Producer for Red Bull Media House with an emphasis in basketball and hip hop content marketing. After studying multiculturalism in the media she has gone on to work with prominent artists and athletes while collaborating with a rising generation of creatives in Los Angeles. She has a passion for empowering the younger generation to tell important stories through visual production to make waves of impact.
Marcene Forester, Board Secretary
Marcene Forrester was born, raised, and currently resides in the South Bay of LA County. She received her BS in Business Administration from Cal State University at Dominguez Hills. After a career in promotional advertising, she founded Rent What?, an innovative drape rental business providing soft goods to the entertainment industry. Another interest, urban food production, led her to a Certificate in Horticulture from UCLA and the creation of an abundant, backyard, organic farm. Ms. Forrester’s passion for the Maker’s Hub springs from her hobby as a welded metal artist and her entrepreneurial experience.
Ellen Goldin, Board Treasurer
Ellen Goldin was born, raised and educated in the Los Angeles environ and contends it a great place to be provincial. She earned her BA in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern California; MA in Marriage, Family Therapy at California Family Study Center (now Phillips Graduate Institute); and adds doctoral level work in Communication Theory (USC) and studies in Law (Whittier Law School 1L) to her curriculum vitae. She is currently self employed and has worked extensively in business realms setting up, amending and managing financial systems for entities, practices and individuals. Ellen is also a freelance writer and intends to see her first novel published soon.

Advisory Team

Marisol Barrios - Marketing & Fundraising Advisor

Marisol Barrios is the Owner and President of the Award winning marketing Company – Mission Driven PR. Marisol has 25 years of experience in communications, public relations, and the nonprofit sector. She generates strategic planning, public relations and social media efforts, appealing to target audiences by implementing GRACE, a five-step process in public relations to transform missions. Marisol has appeared on several Spanish television talkshows, landed several articles in major metropolitan newspapers and has received 8 PR awards. She serves as the chair of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles Communications Program Group, She is a member of the Forbes Communications Council and Public Relations Society of America,

Vern Ryan – Operations Advisor
Vern has devoted over 23 years in public service. His areas of service were utilized as a senior executive director of a non-profit, police officer, teacher, and a educational director of a Technical Life Skills program for the Los Angeles County jails. Currently he serves as the Executive Pastor of a church in Los Angeles. He is also the CEO of a nonprofit, Path 2 Options Inc. that facilitates re-entry plans for recently released incarcerated people. He is a husband and father to 5 children. He possesses passion, focus, and dedication to serve underserved populations. His life’s mission is to transform lives and build better communities.
Dale Doughtery - Advisor and "godfather" to the Makers Movement

Dale Dougherty is the CEO and Founder of Make Media, publisher of Make Magazine. He has been called the “godfather of the Maker movement”, having founded both the magazine and the first Maker Faire in 2006. Dale was instrumental in launching the Maker movement which is reshaping science and technology education and creating unprecedented economic opportunity for young people and a renaissance in urban manufacturing. Dale started down this path in 1984, when he worked with Tim O’Reilly to create. O’Reilly Media, publisher of “Nutshell” handbooks. At O’Reilly Media Dale developed the Hacks series of books, coined the term Web 2.0, and then creating the Web 2.0 Conference, a joint venture between O’Reilly and CMP. The idea for Make Magazine came from his experiences with the Hacks books, as Dale recognized that hackers were playing with hardware and more broadly, were looking at how to hack the world, not just computers. Make Magazine is a re-invention of Popular Mechanics for the 21st Century, and it launched in 2005. A year later, Dale launched the first Maker Faire in San Mateo to bring together all the Makers to share their work with each other and with the public. In 2016, there will be 150+ Maker Faires worldwide. In addition the Maker City Playbook, Dale is the author of the book Free to Make (Fall 2016, North Atlantic Books) and sits on the boards of Make Media, Maker Education Initiative, and the non-profit Big Picture Learning.

Christy Jennings – Community Liaison and Advocacy Advisor
Christy is a leader and advocate for the city of Compton.She was raised in Compton and has seen the challenges the community has had to endured and is part of the transformation happening in the city. She founded and is the Executive Director of a non profit, Children Striving Together and is on the Board of the Compton Art Walk.She has also started a business to support entrepreneur start-ups. As the 1st district city councilwoman’s liaison, Christy has her pulse on what’s happening and what’s coming forth at the city government level
Jonathan Markowitz Bijur - Advisor and ED of Rediscover Center

Johnathan is a founder of Tinkering School LA, an educator, maker, and administrator with over 15 years experience in non-profit management. He has been Executive Director of reDiscover Center since 2014. His previous board and staff work includes contributions to choirs, museums, libraries, and community centers in Boston and Los Angeles. Jonathan is a passionate advocate for STEAM education, the importance of risk-taking in childhood, and open-ended play and exploration at all ages. Jonathan is a graduate of Yale University and holds a Masters of Library Science from Simmons University.

Gary L. Polk, Sr. MS Co-Founder & CEO
Gary has been a professor for 20+ years and is currently Adjunct Professor of Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship at CSUDH (CA State University, Dominguez Hills) in Carson, CA, and also serves as an independent Business Advisor with Pacific Coast Regional Small Business Development Center (PCR)/SBDC.

Gary has served as Executive Director of two Business Incubators. First, with the South Bay Entrepreneurial Center (SBEC). He lead the SBEC from red ink to black ink in a great turnaround effort. Secondly, as the Founder and first Executive Director of the Innovation Incubator at CSUDH.

Monica Gonzalez– Process Optimization & Training Development Advisor
A dynamic Quality Management professional with 18 years of hands-on and corporate experience in various aspects of product quality assurance, Document Control Programs and Implemented a cost savings Audits, Updated and tested Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), staff development, document control and microbiologist. She has worked for Nestles, Heinz and NWH Laboratories corporate offices. She is currently an independent consultant for Starbucks. She holds a BS in Biology from Cal State Los Angeles. Monica will advise The Maker’s hub on creating replicatable systems, SOPS and data analyses. .

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